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Fast Computer Repair


If you need a computer repair fast, then call Computer Help NZ. We have designed our business to get most computer repairs completed within 24 hours. Most people need their computers everday so to be without it for a week is unbearable.

Same Day

So far in 2019 we've taken an average of 6.1 "working day" hours to complete a repair. That means from either the moment the laptop, computer or tablet was dropped off to us OR from when you call to get us to come onsite, we took an average of just over 6 hours to do the repair.

You notice the precise number - that's because we measure the time for each and every job, which demonstrates just how important this is to us. And that is only the icing on the cake. We have done 100s of little things to cut down our repair times and get you back with your computer. That's helpful. What isn't is when a company promises same day repairs but then doesn't deliver. I personally had that in a completely different area - some timber for my kitchen reno. The company said it would be in on Wednesday so I went ahead with the order, but come the following Tuesday it still wasn't in. Essentially they took away my ability to make a good informed decision at the start of the process. We not only try to avoid that situation but do our best to make sure the customers have all the info they need at book-in.

Of course some repairs cannot be done within a day because of things outside of our control. For example sometimes you need a special part that we cannot get from our suppliers. If this is the case then we will need to source an overseas supplier. And here's the important thing for the customer - we ring YOU to say there will be a delay and allow options on whether to pick up the laptop etc now. Repair people and retailers take note!
So if you have an Apple or Microsoft computer, desktop or laptop. Or whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android Tablet, give us a call.


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