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Malware and Fraud Awareness

What Are Cyberthreats?

Cyberthreats including malware, viruses, and other security hazards are constantly evolving and getting more dangerous and trickier to detect. It's vital that you maintain an updated backup. Unless you are sure that you are absolutely protected, which is not wise, you are at risk of attacks by the latest strains of malware and security threats.

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Laptop Screen Repair

Fast Laptop Screen Repair 0800 FIX NOW

If you're in Christchurch, call now to arrange for your laptop screen repair or just drop it directly into our workshop at 160b Selwyn Street, Christchurch.


Your laptop screen is broken, but don't worry, it can almost certainly be fixed. We have many many years of experience replacing the screens of broken laptops, so we can sort things out for you - repair is MUCH cheaper than buying a new computer.


We offer fixed prices for all laptop screen repairs. This price includes the fitting and testing of the screen but no other repairs. We are happy to help you with any other issues, but the cost is additional. In fact, if you haven't had our unique health check done on your computer, we highly recommend it! The check will speed things up, remove any dangerous apps or virus, update security, and warn of potential problems.

SCREEN 13-14 inch $352 incl. GST

SCREEN 15 inch $389 incl. GST

SCREEN 17 inch $420 incl. GST (subject to availability)

If the size of your laptop screen is listed as "subject to availability" then call first to see if we have your screen size in stock. We may even be able to replace 10-12 inch screens in some cases.


Our typical repair time is around 10 hours of working hours (8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) so you can expect your laptop to be completed in around a day, 2 days at most. BUT there are exceptions and something things get delayed for a variety of reasons. We may get suddenly busy or have difficulty getting in stock. Though we do stock standard screens, so that will only be an issue if you have something proprietary,


The prices assume a standard 768p screen, not the super high-resolution screens that some laptops have. If you have a high-resolution model, it is possible to get your replacement screen. Pop it in to our workshop, and we'll advise on the price and timeframe. Be aware that assessments are not free.

These prices also assumes you do not have a touch screen. Touch screens are significantly more expensive, and we only get them into order for specific requests. On that note, we'd recommend against using touch screens generally as they are prone to issues so unless the touch feature is vital to  your computer use we suggest keeping away from them.

MacBooks have not been listed here, but we do have limited stocks of MacBooks screens that are suitable for machines approximately 2-8 years old. Call for a price for your model or better still drop it down to our workshop for an accurate assessment.


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Windows 11 - Our Recommendation

Windows 11. It's out, and we suggest holding off installing it for now.

Many respected industry experts agree that the short period of public testing, before a rushed release, leaves users with something that has been described by them as “unfinished”.

windows 11 laptopwindows 11 computer

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CHNZ YouTube

YouTube Channel

Did you know Computer Help NZ has a YouTube channel? I'll admit it's mostly for some fun and there's not a lot of educational posts or anything - I think there is one testimonial video from a customer. But we do have some fun videos, and I enjoy paying people from all over the world to make all sorts of random things! Great fun, and it's amazing what you can do with a computer these days. Can you imagine 20 years ago contacting a random stranger you had never met, who lives on the other side of the world, and they make a video on their computer and then use a complex network (the internet) to send you a copy? Amazing!

Here's our channel address https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRMPl4j4Ad0TUJGPjunZSBg

This is our most popular video and also my favourite. I think it's kinda funny, yet it has more dislikes than likes

If you would like to contribute, or share what Computer Help has meant to you, I'd love to get a video from you. Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Baltimore Ransomware Attack

Baltimore's Ransomware

A few years ago the city of Baltimore in Maryland, USA, population 585,000 was shutdown by, can you believe it, a computer virus - specifically ransomware.

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Printing Security Issue

Microsoft's has had a huge problem the last few months with the part of the Operating System that prints things - the print spooler. And the print nightmare just keeps coming.

printing computer security

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Windows 11 CPUs

Windows 11 CPUs

Windows 11 is officially planned to come out January next year, and preview builds have been offered to Windows "Insiders". One of the biggest dramas is that Windows 11 won’t be officially supported on older computer - that includes desktop PCs, laptops and even Surface products.

Another unusual thing is that, Windows 11 has dramatically changed the minimum system requirements, with Microsoft’s official documentation saying that you’ll need newer CPUs, 4GB of RAM (up from 1GB), 64GB of storage (up from 16GB) - yes they want you to have 4x the specs!
Of course, their required computer specs have always come across as impractically low.

windows 11 upgrade

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