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Norton Cryptomining Dangers

Norton Crypto Mining

Norton which makes various antivirus and security products has, in our opinion, being making computers go slower for many years now. With their latest product, here's a good chance to make your computer go even slower! (sorry, that was sarcasm)

norton crypto computer

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Cyberattacks, Ransomware & Backup

 Cyberattacks, Ransomware & Backup

You may have hard that the Waikato District Health Board had a cyberattack on 19 May 2021. It essentially wiped out the hospital's computer systems and phone lines.
Some surgeries were postponed as a result of the attack, but most went ahead as planned. An odd impact of the computer event was, two Air New Zealand flights were cancelled after some crew were unable to get a negative COVID-19 certificates!

cyber ransomware computer 1

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Computer Chips Shortage

Computer Chips Shortage

Chips are going up in price - these ones, not those ones.

computer chips price

Computer prices are likely to increase dramatically in the next few months. Computer chips have been in short supply for some time now post-lockdown, but that combined with massive increases in consumer purchasing have led to a worldwide shortage of semiconductors due to major manufacturing problems. Chips are used in many things, from laptops to cars to washing machines to toasters!

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Asus Laptop - The Contender

Asus D515 Laptop – The Contender!


For years, Computer Help NZ has exclusively sold Acer’s business range of quality laptops and nothing has crossed our path that would have us reconsider this position, until now! There is a contender for the title of “Best Laptop Ever” with exiting new offerings from ASUS, leveraging the power and advantages of AMD Ryzen Processors. Not only can ASUS bring us a machine that pound for pound punches harder than it’s Intel Processor equivalents, the specifications of the rest of the machine put others to shame as well. All while bringing the same 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty carried by all machines we sell.

asus laptop christchurch

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Weird Websites Welcome

Random Computer Fun

The Bored Button

...is a bizarre simple little site that has hundreds of random games and things to appease your boredom.

You click on the Bored Button and it opens a game or activity - from there your journey into series of different things

The Bored Button is a site that brings you to a cool, random webpage.


computer bored chch

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It's a Good Time to Buy a Computer - thanks IRD

It's a Good Time to Buy a Computer

Thanks IRD

If you are business you know that when you buy a capital item you have to depreciate it over several years and cannot claim all the cost at once. The IRD are offering a once off deal where any capital item less than $5000 you before March 17, can be ALL claimed in the one year. They have made this offer in response to Covid-19 as a way of helping small business.

computer purchase ird
A good quality computer for business - that is, one that is very reliable and has excellent quality components, typically costs around $1500-$2000 and then there is extra if you are wise enough to get a skilled technician to do the setup and transfer. Thanks to the IRD's offer you can buy and claim all the costs of that new computer in the one year.

If you have missed the cut-off, the good news is that the old $500 limit has also been increased to $1000 which may help to lessen the depreciation time.
Computer Help NZ has been computer repairs for over 20 years now and due to demand from customers we offer, not to the general public, but to customers only, to supply a select range of computers - desktops or laptops. Why is it select? Because we only choose the highest quality and most reliable computers to sell. This is a small select range that you can have confidence choosing from. We also stand behind all our new laptops and desktops - if you get the package deal which includes a full setup and transfer, we'll also come back in 6 months to give the computer a full check up.
If you are interested in a new computer, give us a call now.
Talk with Sandie, Wayne or Paul on 0800349669

Backup TODAY

If your computer suddenly died…

…would you miss the photos and emails etc?

A backup is VITAL to keep your precious memories and business essentials safe!

imac dead startupMac BSOD repair

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