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Computer Repairs at Level 2 - Part 2

It's been an exciting two weeks under level two. We were flooded with large numbers of computers that have been waiting to get repaired as things broke over the lockdown. We fixed all sort of things from MacBooks to iPads to HP All-in-One computers to Asus laptops.

Whilst Computer Help NZ normally aims for same day (24 hour) computer repairs, but for a while, we were out to a 4 or 5 day repair time! It was kind of shocking. We did some overtime and worked hard on getting your fixes done and have managed to get it down to just a day or two now.

We have a few restrictions in place for lockdown safety reasons which includes only one customer at a time in the shop. Usually this is fine, but once or twice there has been a queue down the street! There were about 4 people waiting.

How has your experience with queuing been? It's a new thing to get used to as we hardly ever have to queue in Christchurch or New Zealand for anything. I hope things have been going well for you under level two and you are healthy, happy and productive.


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Computer Repairs at Level 2

Our workshop is open!

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If you have a problem with your computer, laptop, PC or all-in-one (Microsoft or Apple) you can either come down to our workshop and book it in for a repair or get a computer technician to come out to you just like you used to. It's good to be back to doing computer repairs again after this difficult time but please respect the rules that are in place as they are for your protection and also our protection. New Zealand, we are doing well with following the lockdown and keeping ourselves safe. Keep up the good work!
Apart from some restrictions things are fairly close to our normal service, but we do ask that only one customer be in the shop at a time, and respect a 1m distance between yourself and staff members. We have hand sanitizer available, and we are cleaning the door handles and EFTPOS machine after each use.

160b Selwyn Street, Spreydon
Easy parking
8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday

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Level 3 Computer Repairs Christchurch

Level 3 Computer Repairs Christchurch

From Tuesday 28th NZ will be at lockdown level 3, and we'll be able to fix your computers and laptops etc via non-contact repairs. We’re offering a half price, $30, call-out for level 3. If you need help with anything to do with your computer give us a call!

How will it work?

ONE - if you have a problem that REQUIRES us to be in your home e.g. your internet isn't working. Then we can come to your place wearing our PPE (mask, gloves and using our own keyboard and mouse)observe social distancing while we fix your computer.

TWO - if the repair does NOT require us to enter your home e.g. your laptop just isn't starting up e.g. you have viruses popping up OR anything else we could fix in our workshop, then we will arrange a time to pick up the computer call when we are outside and get you to put the computer outside and close the door, one of our tech's will get it (we'll be wearing mask and gloves).

Under level 3 we cannot allow any drop off to the workshop to our workshop at 160b Selwyn Street, Christchurch. That is why we decided to offer our call-out at HALF PRICE ($30). (If you live outside Christchurch the charge is higher but still reduced). To help with the non-contact we'll take payment over the phone or by internet banking.

I hope you are all doing well under these tricky conditions. Well done New Zealand - keep up the good work! Enjoy your Anzac Weekend.

Matthew Gilling

Computer Help NZ


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P.S. We'll be resuming our normal business hours 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday


Are Computer Repairs Essential?

Computer Help is investigating the possibility of doing no contact computer repairs. We're in the process of talking with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment about how we can safely provide hands-on repairs.

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Some other repairers and plumbers etc are calling themselves "essential services" and trying to just do business like normal. But the problem is they are not actually "essential". I'm sure it feels like they are. I mean, I'd consider getting paid my weekly wages essential, but here I am sitting at home not getting paid at all! Like every one. I think my computer repair service is of great value and really important ...but "essential" means life-or-death-essential. So if you are not a hospital, primary industry, telco or rubbish service - you're not.
The confusion comes around the fact that non-essential services ARE allowed to support essential services. e.g. plumbers can fix the pipes at a hospital.
Recently, this has been opened up a little to allow urgent issues e.g. water leaking in your house (and not just the hospital). Hence, why we thought it might be possible for us to help people with the computer repair issues.

Currently, we're offering remote computer repairs, but it's amazing just how much you CAN'T do remotely. The computer needs to be mostly functional for us to even log on!
What we are thinking is...
* You call, we'll do the usual process and book you in for a repair at your place
* When the tech is outside they will call you. At that point you put the computer on your front door step and go back inside.
* We'll come to the door wearing our protective equipment, wipe your computer down with isopropyl alcohol wipes - talk about cleaning viruses off computers!
* We'll take the computer (laptop, tablet or desktop) away and do the repair
* Computer Help will call you if there is any cost above $200 or any parts (just like usual) or when it's finished to arrange a time to return it.
* We'll take payment over the phone.
* The computer will be returned the same way as the pick up. :)

Still, this is ONLY A PLAN. We have NOT had approval from MBIE yet and want to make sure things are completely safe for staff and you wonderful customers.
We'll keep you posted. I'll send an email out when we have a safe, approved plan.




Computer Repairs During the Covid-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 Lockdown & Computer Repairs.

We can still HELP you with your repairs...but only in some situations!

As per the government shutdown Computer Help NZ's workshop/office (DON'T come down to 160b Selwyn) and on-site repair service will be closed as of Wed 5.30pm until the lockdown is lifted.
BUT, our remote repair service WILL be available.

From Thurs 26th March, Computer Help in Christchurch will be answering phones with a skeleton crew from 9am to 2pm. We'll take bookings to do remote repairs for you where possible. Be patient if you can't get through as New Zealand's phone lines are overloaded with too many calls leave a message where possible, and we'll get back to you.

In what situations can we do a remote computer repair for you? When the computer that needs repairs is able to access the internet. If it cannot, then we cannot help you remotely.
If you are not sure, feel free to call or EMAIL. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remote repairs cost $48 per 15-minute block and payment can be made by credit card over the phone. (No Amex)

* Computer Help is open from 9am to 2pm, weekdays during the lockdown.
* ONLY remote repairs, where possible, are available.
* Be patient with phone lines and answer phones.

Looking forward to getting back to normal!


Computer Repair Workshop Complete - Mostly!

Workshop Renovation

This is me. Taking off the "Excuse Our Construction" sign. It signifies that we have finally completed our construction on the new computer repair workshop. We are now able to fix more computers, more quickly. There's has been a big rush lately with Windows 7 expiring and many people needing their laptops, desktops and all-in-ones upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10, so it's great to have a little more space to do your repairs.


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Our Computer Repair Workshop Refit is Nearly Done!

Our Computer Repair Workshop Refit is Nearly Done!

Mini Post:
We've working on it for the past 6 months, but the new, improved and expanded workshop is nearly done. Many of you will have seen the progress. Over the past few months we've painted the exterior, moved to next door, kept the original shop and made it a specialist tech area, and then finally re-did the flooring and added some more computer tech benches, so we can fix more computers more quickly. Faster computer repairs for Christchurch!
I'm hoping to have the majority completed THIS WEEK. Then there are a few bits and pieces we'll keep tweaking and improving. There might even be an opening night party if people are keen?
Let me know.



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Windows 10 Madness

The past 2 months have been mad! With Microsoft dropping support for Windows 7 there has been a last-minute flurry by half of Christchurch to upgrade their computers. :) I'm exaggerating of course, but it has been very busy - approximately double our workload and the "other half" has been computers (laptops and desktops) that been the upgrade. This really pushed out our repair times. We usually fix computers within 24 hours, but we were getting up to 48 or even 72 hours for some. Thankfully most of this rush is over now, and we're back to normal.

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