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How Long Does a Macbook Last?

How Long Does a Macbook Last?

Most available data gives Apple a 3 year failure rate between 15% and 17%, which is fairly in line with other top quality vendors like Asus and Toshiba - not as amazing as you might think?

macbook lifetime

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I first played Adventureland, the computer game, with my dad. I was maybe 10 years old and it was utterly fascinating. Here was a world you could interact with and it was all on a computer. There was a dragon that you dare not wake, a bottomless pit to climb down (but only part way or else!) and of course, chiggers. Yeah, chiggers. As a kid I had never even heard of them. I barely know what they are now. But the mystery that it created was enthralling.


 Adventureland computer game

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Android Speed Tweaks

Android Speed Tweaks

Being old and slow sucks – we can’t help you with that at all, but we can help with your android tablet! That’s what passes for humour at Dad Conventions. But seriously if your android Tablet is getting slow with a few tweaks, we can give your tablet a new lease of life.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

A quick restart of your Android tablet is the quickest way to clear cached data, close background apps and free up your tablet’s processor and RAM resources. Simply press and hold the power button until you see the options to Restart or Power Off. This is only a temporary fix, but if your tablet, like many people’s, has been up and running for months on end without shutting down, chances are a restart for your tablet may give it a little speed boost.

android repair 1

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Macbook Battery Life Tips


Improve Your Macbook Battery Life

Macbook battery life is a major concern of most mobile Mac users. While Apple (Macbook, Macbook Pro & Macbook Air etc) portables all have really good battery performance and are able to run many hours on a single charge, the battery always seems to be just slightly less than you need.

You can extend your Macbook’s battery run-time using a few battery conservation methods.

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Seven Privacy Tips for Facebook


Seven Facebook Privacy Tips

fb privacy computer repair

Facebook knows you. Facebook knows your friends. Facebook knows everything! If we let it. Protecting your computer and your privacy is important.

Perhaps even more scary is that not only Facebook has access to all the personal info you put on their site, but also the apps that use Facebook to login. Here’s a few tips to get your started.

FB Privacy Tip 1: get an overview of your privacy settings

Facebook’s privacy settings are spread over a number of portions of the site. However, you can do a quick health check by tapping the padlock to the right of the Home screen and selecting Run Privacy Check Up. This will allow you see privacy settings at a glance over three key areas of Facebook.

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Seven Steps to Choose Your Gaming PC Components


Seven Steps to Choose Your Gaming PC Components

pc gaming computer

For everyday PC or desktop users, specifications and performance of a desktop computer doesn’t really matter. It’s good enough with some basic RAM or CPU because most are just creating, editing, and saving office files and documents. But for a true PC computer gaming enthusiast, choosing the components of a PC is as vital as choosing your weapons before going to a battle. Only the right hardware with the most optimum performance will do. The gaming PC and its computer hardware should be carefully selected to provide absolute reliability during gaming. You also want reliable components so you don’t need regular computer repairs.

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Five Tips To Avoid Ransomware


Ransomware and Your Computer

Five Tips To Avoid Ransomware.

ransomware computer repair chch

What is ransomware?

Essentially it’s a virus that puts a computer password on all your personal files. It typically attacks photos, word and excel documents, pdfs and a variety of other files that are stored in your laptop or desktop computer. Once your files have been processed by the ransomware virus you will not be able to access them without getting the password or encryption key from the ratbag who invented it and got your computer infected. Here’s where it gets bad…

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Backup – No One Needs It.

Backup – No One Needs It...

...Until the day you do, then it’s the most important thing in the world! Backup is one of those boring things that you have to do and yet it does nothing. Not a thing. It is completely unproductive and adds nothing to you life. Kinda like insurance. All it does is cost money and doesn’t help one bit! Until… the day that you get burgled or have a fire. THEN you are really glad you were prepared.

paddington backup your computer

And ”prepared” is the key word here. While the fire is burning you can’t arrange insurance. When the bear you picked up at the local train station has already flooded your house it’s too late! And when your computer has already died, or has ransomware or there’s smoke coming from it, it’s too late.

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