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How to Safely Disinfect your Computers

Learn How to Safely Clean and Disinfect Laptops, Desktops and Phones.

We spend a lot of time making our homes and ourselves clean, but what about our computers and laptops etc? We use with phones, computers, and laptops very regularly, and they can be a haven for bacteria and viruses. In the current climate, we all understand it's important to make sure everything is clean – make sure you don't miss these devices when doing your cleaning checklist! But unlike your bench or stove, laptops, MacBooks, iPhones, and computers in general are sensitive to liquids - so how do we keep them clean?

disinfect computer laptop

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Four Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Four Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Below are four things you can do to speed up your computer, whether you have a Windows or an Apple computer. Two are software, two may require hardware. Let's have a look…

ONE - Free Space.

Your computer needs about 20% of it’s drive to be empty, so it can run its day to day "thinking". It temporarily uses the space to run tasks to make things run faster. If you get very low on free space, the computer can end up running quite slow. Let’s check...

snail fast computer

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The First Virus In The Wild

Looking Back at the First Virus

What started as a prank turned out to be a significant moment in computing history.

In January 1982, 15-year-old high school student and programmer Rich Skrenta wrote a virus. The code he wrote, dubbed ‘Elk Cloner’, would become part of the timeline in computing history - the first virus successfully copying itself "in the wild". Previous ones that people had written only replicated in the laboratory.

The computer virus at first attached itself to the Apple II operating system, causing owners of personal computers causing quite a few headaches. So what exactly was Elk Cloner?

apple mac virus

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Clop Ransomware

Clop Ransomware

Ransomware is malware which encrypts your files with a password until you pay money to the hackers, i.e. a ransom to get your files back. “Clop” is one of the newest and most dangerous threats around. Why is this? It includes several features which helps it evade detection and help to "slip through" your security - especially if not up to date in all areas (hint: having just your antivirus up-to-date isn't enough)
It targets Microsoft Windows users. Read on to find out what it does and what to do...

clop ransomware computer

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Unexpected $70 Charge?

Unexpected $70 Computer Charge?

Lately, some customers and other people have been calling us and asking what we are charging them $70 on their credit card. Was it some sort of computer repair? They're asking because they have an unexplained charge on their credit card for $70 that has the description "Computer Help" - they, quite reasonably, think it's something to do with us and give us a call. But, we don't do that...

computer help charge

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Most Critical Vulnernability for a Decade

Most Critical Vulnerability for a Decade

Log4Shell is the name of a vulnerability that has the internet scrambling. The hackable flaw is in a commonly used software tool has become a major threat to computer webservers around the world.
The exploit is known as a ‘zero-day’ vulnerability, which allows users of the spyware to infect a device and the user doesn't know they have been hacked.

log4shell logo computer

[ABOVE: The rather "budget" logo log4shell has acquired]

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When it's time to purchase a new laptop, the choices can be overwhelming, and it's difficult to know what matters most when making your purchase. We have written a laptop buying guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a new laptop.


The primary thing to think about when purchasing is WHY are you purchasing? What do you MOST plan to use it for?

Laptops are generally built for one of three things. Speed, portability or reliability. Which one is MOST important to you? Laptop designs don't usually do well if they attempt to be good at two of the three things, as they need to compromise on one to get the other. Let me explain more...

laptop buying guide

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