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Christchurch Computer Repair

Christchurch Computer Repair

Computer Help NZ makes computer repair easy - whether it's your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone - with our same day repair service.


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We're Christchurch computer repair specialists and love doing same day repairs. We were born in Christchurch and have serviced Canterbury for 20 years. We love fixing all types of computers and devices. So you could say our our true specialty is same day Christchurch laptop, desktop, tablet and phone repairs. We're the best and our reviews prove it! Just read our reviews on Trademe, Facebook and Google. 


Same Day Computer Repairs in Christchurch

Most of our repairs are completed within 24 hours. That's not just a guess or some feel-good-we-wish-it-were-true. No it's stats based on some carefully kept records.

Here's the specifics - so far in 2017 87% have been completed within 24 hours. And our average fix time so far in 2017 is 5.1 hours.


Urgent Service in Christchurch

Sometimes you just can't wait to get your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone fixed. If that's you then Computer Help NZ can help. We offer a special URGENT service where you pay an extra fee and we will start on your computer immediately or if you wish us to visit your home here in Christchurch, we can be there within an hour. 

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FRIENDLY Staff Who Care About You

You want to be able to understand what the computer repair technician is explaining to you so we have friendly, caring staff who use language you'll understand. So we've worked pretty hard to find ways to explain what is happening. Sorry, we NOT geeks or nerds but we do have plenty of computer repair experience right here in Christchurch the Garden City. We genuinely care about our customers and take the repairs we do personally. Every once in a while we get someone who thinks if they apply pressure to us they’ll get better service – nope! We already give everyone our best service repairs, all the time, because we LOVE serving our customers well.


Services of the Christchurch Branch of Computer Help NZ

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Mobile Computer Repairs and support in the Christchurch Region

Get mobile or shop computer repairs and support in Christchurch. We'll fix you up fast and provide service & support for all of your computer problems in Christchurch. Our highly experienced technicians can troubleshoot all PC and Apple computer, laptops and tablets. We have a unique 28 point health check to make your computer quick, be safe & secure, and prevent many potential problems.

Malware Removal for Christchurch & Surrounds

We're experts at virus and spyware removal in Christchurch – you can come to us or we come to you. Security is a multifaceted system. We ensure that your computer is up to date with the latest anti-virus, blockers, safety apps and security updates. Computer Help NZ will ensure your entire system is fully prepared and ready for any (well, almost any) attack. AND we won't sell you any unnecessary virus protection like some providers.

Windows & Mac Repairs and Service in Christchurch

Computer Help NZ all types of computers and device – both Microsoft Windows PC’s and Apple Mac OSX. Or if it's a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. We have highly experienced Apple Mac trained technicians in Christchurch.

New Computer Set-Up in the ChCh

A new computer is exciting but can be a head-ache. We can come to you or you can drop it off to us. We travel to your home or office to set up all programs, wifi, printers and swap over your data in Christchurch. Our techs will install all applications, setup internet, email, contacts, favourites/bookmarks, and many other details n your new computer.

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Computer Speed Up for Christchurch

Sick of a slow PC? A tardy laptop? Or a sluggish all-in-one? We can help you upgrade your computer in Christchurch. We can upgrade PCs, Laptops, Windows and Apple Mac computers to optimise speed, give you more space, bigger RAM and make your computer run more quickly.

Internet Setup & Wifi in Christchurch and Environs

Got a new internet connection? Or maybe something not working? We come to your place to get it all going perfectly. We're amazingly good at it and can do it quickly! You'll be surfing Christchurch, New Zealand and the World before you know it. Wifi (wireless) will all be sorted out. If your wifi is a bit slow or acting up we can help improve that or even add wireless boosters! We will get your internet going perfectly and your wireless too - Christchurch.

Got a Backup Christchurch?

If something goes wrong you will wish you had a backup! And one that you can be sure is up to date. Protect your photos, documents and data. We have searched the world and found the best backup solutions there are and will help you choose the perfect solution for your situation. We consider cost, speed and effectiveness. Options include cloud based and local backup. We had a number of clients who had prepared before the Christchurch Earthquakes and because of that they were able to get back to work and get their personal photos etc back again. Hopefully we never have such an event in Christchurch but that's not the thing to worry about. A much more common problem is hard drive failure, robbery or fire. These pose real threats to the people of Christchurch as every week we see people come in with a "situation" where a backup is needed. Luckily we've managed to help many hundreds recover precious data.





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And remember, if you are having trouble with your repair or with our service we LOVE to fix that up for you, so call first :)


Laptop Repair

Computer Help repairs all sorts of laptops. If you have a Macbook, a Toshiba, HP, Sony, Samsung, Acer or ANY model of laptop - we can repair it. There is nothing on a laptop we can't fix. If your laptop is totally dead, won't load windows, can't get on the internet, has a smashed screen or a virus, or any other problem, we can fix all that within 24 hours. Well 95% of the time anyway. Sometimes your laptop may have an obscure part that we don't stock so we'll have to get it in from overseas. But we'll do everything we can to get that repaired as soon as poosible as well as finding you the best price.
I think you'll be amazed how many laptop repairs we can complete despite some weird and unusual part being required - we can source almost anything! We're really good at laptops and have loads and loads of experience (an average of 18 years each between 4 techs) and have solved everything there is. It doesn't matter what kind of repair you need whether it's hardware or software.

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Tablet and iPad Repair

Is your screen broken, email not working or your tablet or ipad is not turning on?
Perhaps you want to syncronize your email, bypass a password or get an app to work?

We've got your ipad or android tablet repair covered!

Most ipad or android tablet repairs are completed within 24 hours, so basically same day. Of course, if you drop it off at 4pm it's not quite going to be same day! If you are in a real hurry we can do your tablet repairs quickly with our URGENT service. Which means we start immediately and give it top priority until done.

Common iPad and Tablet Problems

    It's quite common for tablets and ipads to suddenly not turn on and there are a variety of causes - sometimes the charging socket is faulty, sometimes the device needs a hard reset or an ultra hard reset. Occasionally they do completely fail but we can diagnose the issues so you know for sure.

Forgetting or losing your password

    can be trouble, especially on iPads as Apple are downright mean when it comes to helping with recovery. It's super important that you setup the security questions correctly and ideally note them down somewhere. If you don't have this right then when they are needed (which might be years later) you could well be locked out of your ipad and not be able to use it at all! Sometimes, just sometimes, Apple will reset an iPad password, but not often, as they assume you have stolen it. (I said they were mean!) But we can help with any password reset issues.

Cracked screens

    on tablets of all sorts (Android, iPad, Samsung, Sony, HP etc) are a common problem and it happens oh so easily. A little prevention can help by buying a cover AND a screen protector but if your ipad screen or tablet screen is cracked or smashed we can help you. Typical costs are around $80-$150 depending on the device and usually completed within 24 hours. Some devices are not really worth replacing but pop it in to diagnose and we can let you know. We currently don't repair Microsoft Surface as they have made the disassembly very difficult.

Email Sync

    is one of the cool things with a tablet or ipad. You can check your emails while sitting on the couch and not have to go to your other computer or even get your phone. Why not have both devices have the same inbox and sent box? It depends a little bit on your email provider but this is usually a simple setup. Check your emails easily on your tablet!

Everything Else!

    we've fixed a whole variety of things on tablets from charging ports, speakers, touch input. You name it.

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PC Repair

Desktop computers or PCs as they are commonly called (which is from the old name Personal Computers) are still really popular. Why? You get more bang for your buck and much more can be fixed on a PC than on a laptop. This means you can get a more powerful PC, with more processing power and ability to do graphics and play games than you can on any other device - e.g. laptop or tablet. Also it means that the repairs are cheaper as the desktop has more removable and therefore replacable parts. But, say, a laptop, often various parts can not be removed, such as the graphics card. Even if your motherboard is faulty, on a PC, it can be replaced relatively easily and at a much lower cost than a laptop.
Generally, PC repairs are still really popular as they can be done easily and cheaply. Computer Help NZ (CHNZ) can service and repair any desktop computer - HP (Hewlett Packard), IBM, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Compaq, Toshiba or any other brand. In fact, approximately 50% of the PC repairs we do are from "unbranded" PC, often locally made. They tend to be of good quality and well worth fixing.
A lot of people like the fixed nature of a PC, others, that you can get a lot of processing power for a heap less money than a laptop. This is particularly useful for gamers, video or music editors or people with an office.

If you need to buy a PC we can you with that too as we offer a great high quality PC build with our own unique build process that ensure the highest and most stable quality PC around.

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