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The Best Laptop & Computer Repairs in Christchurch - Guaranteed

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FRIENDLY Staff Who Care About You

You want to be able to understand what the computer technician is talking about, so we have friendly, caring, people who use language you'll understand. So we've worked pretty hard to find language that can help you understand what is happening with your computer. Sorry, we NOT geeks or nerds, but we do know our stuff. We genuinely care about our customers and take the repairs we do personally. Every once in a while we get someone who thinks if they apply pressure to us they’ll get better service – nope! We already give everyone our best service repairs, all the time, because we LOVE serving our customers well.

TRUSTED & Skilled Computer Technicians

Our seasoned and skilled computer technicians AVERAGE 15.8 years full time experience each! We're great with all sorts of computer problems, and can troubleshoot and issue. Computer Help will doctor your sad broken computer and make it happy again. We're great at cracked screens, virus removal, phone setup, speeding up your computer, setting up or fixing internet, getting printers going and many other computer repairs. Basically if it's laptop, desktop, tablet or phone we can help! Call first to see if we can fix your model of iPhone or iPad tablet.

Also, we won't ever sell you anything you don't need. We'll tell you about anything computer related we consider helpful but optional, and we'll let you KNOW that it's optional when it is. There are several computer upgrades that may make your computer faster or safer, but we will be very clear letting you know whether it's something optional or just an improvement.

Trusted by over 9000 customers since 1997.

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All our computer repairs are guaranteed for 3 months, and we always want to see you right. It’s frustrating when you have to bring your computer back or call the technician around again. It frustrates us too! It’s not helpful for anyone. So we work hard to avoid it by doing the repair right the first time and implementing systems and methods that help you.

But sometimes mistakes happen with computer repairs. If we ever strike a problem we don’t hide from it, but rather we completely engage until the issue is sorted. We believe in our work so much we have a 120% guarantee. See 120% Guarantee for details. We're happy to chat about any post repair problem you are having - please call.

FAST, Same Day Service

You don't want to be without your computer, no matter what sort it is - laptop (MacBook, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, HP Compaq, Toshiba, Samsung and all the other brands), iPad, tablet, All-in-One (iMac, Acer) or desktop, Windows or Apple Mac, so we specialise in same day service. You can expect the computer repairs to be completed within 24 hours if you dropping it off to us. In fact, our average fix time so far in 2019 is 6.1 hours. Read our article for details on the timeframe here.

ULTRA FAST, 60 Minute Urgent repair service

We have an URGENT computer repair service so you can get your laptop, PC or Desktop, back from being broken to bring fixed even quicker. We’ll be at your place (if you are in Christchurch) within 60 minutes or if drop it off at our place, and we’ll start fixing your computer immediately.

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SERVICES: Many Styles of Computers & Mobile Devices

Fixing is usually cheaper than replacing and usually faster when you consider the time needed to get your device setup as you needed. So we fix all styles of computers - iPads, tablets, cellphones, laptops and desktops are all computers. Call first to see if we can fix your model of phone or tablet.

We can also provide recognised insurance reports.

Remote computer repairs are an easy and cheap way to get many issues sorted. We can do them on laptops or desktops with either Windows or Apple Mac. (Working internet needed)

If you’re in Christchurch, Canterbury or nationwide we can support you. Some customers send their computer to us by courier or use the remote repair option as we end up fixing it faster and better than their local support.

Existing customers are offered friendly, helpful, phone support.

The photos, documents, email and memories on your computer are precious, so we'll help you set up and maintain an effective and tested backup.

We offer a thorough computer health check-up service for all computers which covers, security, drive testing, speed tweaks, and pre-warning of potential computer issues.



No one likes having a broken computer. We carry many parts for MacBooks and MacBook Pro which results in a quick repair for you. Be aware that many Apple MacBook components are non-standard and only used for a few models in a series. We cover this by always adding to our stocks thus ensuring you get your MacBook as quick as can be. We don't usually do screen replacements for MacBooks - but hope to shortly while we find the best sources of reliable screens. Apple doesn't make this process easy as they want to hold tightly to their own methods - often to the detriment of their own customers. In fact Apple's preferred repair method is for you to buy a new computer! Read this blog for an example. https://www.chnz.co.nz/blogs/45-mac-repairs-for-a-fifth-of-the-cost


Search Engine Optimization

Our resident search engine optimization expert, our Search King, can help you. Call for more info on how to get your website to the top of Google please contact us.

Here's a list of the most recent sites he's worked on.







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  • Turn up on time, or call first.
  • Not to sell you computer hardware and parts you don’t need. We only sell items we think you will find genuinely beneficial.
  • Have the strength, consistency and resources of a large corporation, but with the care, consideration and personal touch of a family.
  • Listen to you.
  • Be the fastest and friendly tech repair service in New Zealand.
  • Take responsibility for our repairs - including any mistakes.
  • Spell your name correctly. Names matter.
  • Do everything we can to stop you having painful experience with your computer. We can’t stop everything, but there is much we can prevent.
  • Greet you with a smile, cos we’re genuinely glad to meet you and help you with the best computer repair service in New Zealand.


Hours 8.30 am -5.30 pm, Monday to Friday, at your place or ours. Pick up service available. Some fixes can even be done remotely. Our fast, same day computer repair service is standard. Urgent (start within 60 minutes) repair service is also available.

Payment options - EFTPOS, credit card, cash, internet banking, even cheque.

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(0800 349 669) and our fast & friendly staff will sort it out.

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