Windows 11 - Our Recommendation

Windows 11. It's out, and we suggest holding off installing it for now.

Many respected industry experts agree that the short period of public testing, before a rushed release, leaves users with something that has been described by them as “unfinished”.

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That doesn't mean it's as bad as Microsoft Vista (remember that one?) which had huge numbers of issues, but if you upgrade to Windows 11 at this early stage you may bear the brunt of early bug-finding-and-solving.

It's common for software companies to release their products early and let the users do the work of find the bugs for them. This can cause some inconvenience if you prefer a stable computer system - which we do!

At this stage we'd suggest waiting at least 6 months after the release date to upgrade.

In the meantime, Microsoft may pester you to do the upgrade, but you can just ignore this.

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P.S. Award winning technology journalist, Paul Thurrott, wrote a comprehensive article about Windows 11 if you are interested in more detail.