Computer Tech Found

Computer Tech Found

I have the wonderful privilege to announce we have found a fantastic computer repair technician and all round good guy - Stefan. Stefan is a very kind man with a depth of computer repair knowledge. He'll be able to come out to your home and fix your laptop or desktop right there.

stefan computer tech

Whatever the problem we have many tools to fix the computer right there and then. Occasionally, we get a problem that will take quite some time to repair, but mostly waiting time, so rather than charging you for sitting there twiddling our thumbs while the computer does something (e.g. backup, reinstall windows or huge updates etc) we'll often suggest to you that we save you that money by bringing the computer back to the workshop. Stefan has all the skills to complete such work or advise you what the next step should be.
We have a very intense hiring process that tests the candidates at many levels all along the way. Typically, more than 90% are knocked out in the first stage. The second stage, where we do a short interview at a café (and shout them a coffee!) eliminates 80%. From there we have a 3rd stage with a long interview with various tests. So when I say I am super happy to have Stefan on the team, I am confident he will work out well. And I am sure you will enjoy a visit from him if you ever need it.

Happy Computing
Matthew Gilling
General Manager
Computer Help NZ