Windows 10 Madness

The past 2 months have been mad! With Microsoft dropping support for Windows 7 there has been a last-minute flurry by half of Christchurch to upgrade their computers. :) I'm exaggerating of course, but it has been very busy - approximately double our workload and the "other half" has been computers (laptops and desktops) that been the upgrade. This really pushed out our repair times. We usually fix computers within 24 hours, but we were getting up to 48 or even 72 hours for some. Thankfully most of this rush is over now, and we're back to normal.

windows7 computer repair

If you still have Windows 7 then make sure you either replace that computer or upgrade it as it will become a security issue in time. If you have an Apple iMac, MacBook or iPad, then this does not apply to you. This is just for computer users of the Microsoft Windows system.

Some people have said they have seen no problems with their old computer and wonder why they need to upgrade. Good question! The need for the upgrade is not likely something you will "see" until it's too late. When you will notice is when some hacker or virus has stolen your internet banking password or TradeMe account. You may also notice it when website no longer accept your passwords as the software security in your computer is too out of date. NOTE: When I say "software security" I do not mean your anti-virus only - that is only one small part of the equation. Imagine having your door securely locked but it's open. The door lock is ineffective if the door is hanging open. It's the same with Windows security updates and Anti-virus. If you have Windows 7 then the door to your computer is open. It doesn't matter how good your lock is.

We're not as busy now so things are almost back to normal, but if you do need help we're always happy to take a call.

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