Computer Repair Workshop Complete - Mostly!

Workshop Renovation

This is me. Taking off the "Excuse Our Construction" sign. It signifies that we have finally completed our construction on the new computer repair workshop. We are now able to fix more computers, more quickly. There's has been a big rush lately with Windows 7 expiring and many people needing their laptops, desktops and all-in-ones upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10, so it's great to have a little more space to do your repairs.


computer repair workshop

I do say "mostly" as there are a few more things we need to tidy up. We need a new centre bench for when we do repairs on large computers such as HP All-In-Ones or Apple iMacs. We'll need to expand Paul's area a little and provide a stand or a hook for his laptop testing bay. But, I'll do that in a few weeks as I need time to catch up on some other things, rather than spending all my weekends and after-hours times doing the renovation.

Looks good though.

Check out the photos on Facebook and Instagram in a few weeks time.  [EDIT: Lockdown interrupted this]



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