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Computer Repairs at Level 2 - Part 2

It's been an exciting two weeks under level two. We were flooded with large numbers of computers that have been waiting to get repaired as things broke over the lockdown. We fixed all sort of things from MacBooks to iPads to HP All-in-One computers to Asus laptops.

Whilst Computer Help NZ normally aims for same day (24 hour) computer repairs, but for a while, we were out to a 4 or 5 day repair time! It was kind of shocking. We did some overtime and worked hard on getting your fixes done and have managed to get it down to just a day or two now.

We have a few restrictions in place for lockdown safety reasons which includes only one customer at a time in the shop. Usually this is fine, but once or twice there has been a queue down the street! There were about 4 people waiting.

How has your experience with queuing been? It's a new thing to get used to as we hardly ever have to queue in Christchurch or New Zealand for anything. I hope things have been going well for you under level two and you are healthy, happy and productive.


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