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Printers - Great When They are Working!

Printers - Great when they are working!
If you are like me, you expect your printer to be working when you click file & print. It's frustrating when you do this and get no response! It's no so bad if you go look at the printer and find it's only that it needs more paper added or maybe some ink - you have spare ink, right? But when everything seems to be ok but nothing is happening? Dang, what next?

printer not working chch

You try the basics of course, such as turning the printer off and on again (some printers need the power removed before they fully turn off). Then, um, well, what ELSE is there? It's true, that at this point printer diagnosis gets more complicated. If you have the computer skills you could uninstall and reinstall the drivers. If not you might need a friend or technician to help you. But if you do get some assistance there are something you can do to prevent future issues.
1. Use a USB where possible. Wireless printing is cool and everything but it's a LOT less reliable than a simple cable. If the printer is going to be near the computer, then use a USB cable.
2a. If you must have network, then aim to use a network CABLE. This will be possible if you have network cables either in your walls or run along them.
2b. If using network then use a static IP for the printer. Meaning you fix the printer to one IP address. Yep, it's getting a bit nerdy, ask a technician about this!
3. If you must use WiFi then the printer and the WiFi router as close as possible. This will avoid problems with the connection. Keep cordless phones way from both of them too!


This was a bit technical, sorry folks. You may need a computer technician for much of this, but you have the right info to ask them now.

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