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TP-Link Powerline - Five FAQs

TP-Link Powerline Internet Solution

Powerline is a way of getting internet from one room of your house to another in the situation where your wireless isn't strong enough and you have no network cabling to use. It taps into the electrical circuit of your house and uses to send a network signal. It is definitely a workaround and not the perfect solution but it is convenient. Here is the answers to five commonly asked questions.

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How easy is it to set up?

Powerline is a fairly simple solution for network extension. For wired connections simply plug into the wall sockets, and they connect once you press the connect buttons on both units. For Wi-Fi adapters either set up with usual Wi-Fi settings or just replicate the existing Wi-Fi at the push of a few buttons. This can be a little tricky but often is a straightforward setup.

What are the limitations?

Powerline has a nominal distance limit of 100m, which is rarely an issue in a domestic environment. Other factors affecting performance include the quality of wiring and the presence of electrically noisy equipment. Note that surge protectors and RCD’s can also stop the Powerline signal. Practically speaking you won't get great speeds - I find less than 20mbps. But as a workaround it's better than no internet!


Can I add more Powerline adapters?

Yes. Additional TP-Link adapters can be added into the network at any time. As long as they are on the same electrical circuit they will automatically connect. If using encryption press the Sync button to connect. Note that the network will drop to the speed of the slowest adapter present so adding an AV600 adapter to an existing AV2000 network may not be desirable.


Can Powerline be used for commercial networks?

It can, in certain circumstances, but we generally recommend against it. Powerline is primarily designed as a workaround for home networks to provide internet to your spare bedroom. The complex and noisy electrical environment in commercial premises can prevent it from working, especially in large buildings.

Can I get a multi-port Powerline adapter?

Yes. Some of the Powerline adapters have dual or 3-port connectivity at the remote end, providing easy access for multiple devices and removing the need for an additional network switch. Most models also allow power pass-through so that you don’t lose the use of the power socket.


So, if you have a bedroom at the far end of the house where the WiFi isn't  reaching or a sleep out that has no internet, either pop out and buy yourself a TP-Link Powerline or give us a call, and we can set it up for you and get your back online.

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