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Christmas Computer Pictures

Here is a collection of some fun and silly computer images with a Christmas theme. I particularly like the old vintage pictures as they are just so cute - we used to think those computers were so awesome.

I hope you enjoy them. If you need any computer repairs please call us and we an help you out promptly.

christmas computer vintage

Want a computer for Christmas in 1985? Enjoy this blazingly fast PC!



christmas graphic computer

The 80s were glorious for computer graphics. Someone probably spend a 100 hours making this.

christmas computers

A computer circuit board turned Christmas tree! Quite brilliant.


 christmas laptop

Quite the Christmas computer setup!



christmas lights computers

This couple put on a Christmas lights display every year in Timaru. This year's display has 12 computers controllling it! Read more about it here...


christmas tree computer keys

Have a Merry Christmas! We're open every day except the stats.

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