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Any Ol' Computer Repair Company Will Do, Right?

Any Ol' Computer Repair Company Will Do, Right?

Not in my experience.
Now, obviously I am biased. But why am I biased? Because over the past 20+ years of computer repair experience I have seen so many terrible repairs and poor service from so many companies. Many years ago, even we were guilty of some.
But I am absolutely driven to provide a high quality service that puts all the "cowboys" to shame. We should live in a world we're the only computer repair companies left are ones that provide an excellent service.

computer repair quality
They should be done promptly - usually this should be within 24 hours, although because of the nature of this industry parts often have to be sourced from overseas which can add several weeks to the time. We stock as many parts as possible to minimize this.
Prices should be clear and not have hidden costs. Sure someone appears cheaper, but then what's the final amount?
Technicians should communicate clearly to customers and explain things as simply as possible.
Repairs should be provided for desktops, laptops, tablets and other computing devices.
All technicians and staff should work to similar standards and customers should experience all these things whoever they deal with in the business.
These are the standards I think should be in place. It takes a lot of work to get the systems, processes and culture to get these in place. These are the standards Computer Help NZ holds to.
We've been around since 1997, we've learned a thing or two. If you have liked our repairs, we'd love it if you stuck with us.

Matthew Gilling
General Manager
Computer Help NZ