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Computer Chips Shortage

Computer Chips Shortage

Chips are going up in price - these ones, not those ones.

computer chips price

Computer prices are likely to increase dramatically in the next few months. Computer chips have been in short supply for some time now post-lockdown, but that combined with massive increases in consumer purchasing have led to a worldwide shortage of semiconductors due to major manufacturing problems. Chips are used in many things, from laptops to cars to washing machines to toasters!

Even Apple and Samsung have been unable to buy the computer chips they want and have had to delay their release of the Apple iPhone 12 and Galaxy Note as a result - despite that they are the world’s biggest chip purchaser, spending over $100 billion dollars each year on them.

This shortage in chips is causing prices to increase for almost every computer type - whether it's a laptop, desktop, phone or gaming machine.

And, not meaning to be scary, it's likely to get worse. If you remember during lockdown, it quickly got to the point where it was simply not possible to buy a webcam because there were none left. A similar thing happened in 2011 with the floods in Thailand, and it caused some prices to double for about a year. More importantly, as the year goes on there will be less and less choice, so you will be left with the “dregs” – i.e. the computers that no one else wanted to buy.

The world is complex, and we cannot guarantee exactly what will happen, but our estimate is that this shortage may last up to two years. Our advice… if you were thinking about buying a new computer soon, we’d suggest getting it now before the prices go up.

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acer laptop outside

Here's one outside on the lawn - sorry the photo is a little washed out due to the bright light, but do you notice now bright the screen looks!