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Firefox Quantum - Faster Computing


Firefox Quantum - Faster Computing

Version 57 of Mozilla Firefox browser has come out a few weeks back, so is it better? Will your computer open websites faster like they are trying to make out with the new name? Yup, much faster.

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My initial ancedotal experience says about twice as fast. I did some proper computer lab testing as well. I used a mid range spec computer and set the older version of Firefox to startup opening TradeMe and Youtube in two tabs. I opened and closed it 5 times and used an app to measure the time to took between double clicking on it and being fully open. Version 56 (the old one) took 10.1 seconds on average (with very little variation between the 5 tests). Version 57 (Quantum) took 7.4 seconds. Not as quick as I was expecting from my own experiences.

When I tried the same test with just one tab and one webpage, our own computer repair website, www.chnz.co.nz the time went down from 7.8 seconds to 4.1. I noticed that TradeMe took quite some time to come up on the computer - so perhaps that made the initial test for Quantum not look that good.

Another test, this time on my own laptop, showed google.com came up in 3.7, from 7.8 seconds - a marked improvement.

Be aware, that part of the reason it's so much faster is many add-ons or extensions have been disabled or removed from the computer browser. Also, Firefox probably won't really ASK if you want to upgrade - though an admin login will pop up when you start Firefox when it's trying to update.

Overall, I was pleased. Mostly because Firefox browser was just so sloooooooow. Now it's as fast as Chrome! If you use Firefox as your browserm do your computer, laptop or desktop a favour - update Firefox to Firefox Quantum.


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