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A Warning About Low Spec Laptops

A Warning About Low Spec Laptops

We wanted to warn you about some laptops that are currently being sold at many retailers. They are bargain priced and on the face of it, look attractive. But here’s the problem - the computers are so low spec that they are almost unusable out of the box. This is because the storage drive inside the laptop is very very small and 32 gigabytes is barely enough to run Windows. As it turns out it’s not enough.

The video below shows 3 different models all with the problematic 32 gig drive, and ALL 3 are reporting that they are running out of disk space - and this is brand new, before they have even been used!


The drive space is so low if you tried to reinstall Windows on one of these laptops you would find it wouldn’t even work! In fact the laptop manufacturers themselves can only do it by cheating. They install Windows on a computer with a BIGGER drive then use a special technique (called cloning) to copy that to the 32GB model.

The problem is that your computer needs a reasonable amount of space to even run. And if you want to install programs and save photos and emails etc on the laptop then you need more hard drive space. We’d recommend that you get one with a minimum of 128GB – which is QUADRUPLE what these laptops have!

To give you some idea of the size, in 1999 the standard hard drive size was 32GB. Almost 20 years have passed. Also, 128GB is the SMALLEST drive we sell!

Have you brought one already? I would recommend taking it back to the shop straightaway and swap to one with a bigger drive.

If they won’t take it back then there are a few options. But be WARNED – it is often tricky due to the nature of the drives they use to upgrade to a reasonable size. But pop it in and we can see what options are available to you.

Any questions please call.


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