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Good news...No More Non-Urgent

As of May 1st Computer Help no longer offers our longstanding non-urgent service. This service meant we would start your computer repair within a few days or if we had some spare time and as a result of this lower quality service we'd offer a 25% discount on the labour. Lower. Quality. Service. The non-urgent computer repair service always grated on me as it was such a contrast to our standard same day repairs and our popular urgent repairs. The reason I introduced it initially was a way of giving a discount to some people. Mostly, it ended up causing people a dilemma as they like the cheaper price but really, they wanted our standard service. It was actually not a good choice we were offering. For that I apologize. So we're removing it so our service is more aligned with what the customers need.
As for discounts we have been offering a 25% labour discount on all repairs for fire fighers, police officers and registered charities since 2000.


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