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$10,000 Macbook Repair

Apple's "geniuses" spent two weeks and an estimated $10,000 in warranty costs fixing a MacBook Pro screen fault that was resolved with three button presses.
According to photographer Greg Benz who told the whole sorry computer tale on his website.

MacBook Pro problem

Greg had his laptop looked at 4 times, had the motherboard swapped out 2 times and a completely new macbook given one time.
The screen was blank but the keyboard would make the "plunk" tone when pressed. Also the capslock light would turn on and off. At this point of reading the article I knew what was wrong and how to fix it. I read the macbook article to our other techs individually and they also knew. Apple-doh moment! Read on and find out what CHNZ knows about Macbooks that Apple "geniuses" don't.
The computer repairs lasted weeks with Benz dropping off his macbook and waiting for the fix, before being let again. New logic boards, new cables, many phone calls, diagnostics, and even the "secret special super-geniuses" from Apple came out – nothing could get the computer to power on.

So, what was the problem? The screen brightness was turned all the way down. Seriously. That simple. There was a slight catch that did make it a teeny bit tricky. Because of the way the computer had turned off he was logged off, and needed login first before the brightness could be turned up. To do this, you login my faith and not by sight. I.e. you type in your username (or just the first letter) and then return, type in your password. Press return and turn up the brightness. Quite simple I thought.

I get a little sad about all these pathetic things happening in the Apple world. We love Apple, they make some cool gear. For example we generally suggest a macbook will last twice as long as a Windows laptop. So it's disappointing.
And guess what the next blog is about...hopefully NOT a Mac!

Read the Guardian article https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/06/11/apple_macbook_pro_screen_fault/ 

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