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iTunes is Ending

 iTunes is Ending

Apple has officially decided to end their iTunes music service. They are going to break up the computer desktop service and offer three separate apps for music, television and podcasts. A bit annoying really. But then when something is working well, I don't like change.

One of the biggest questions that iTunes users have is what will happen to existing music music and podcasts on your computer or laptop.

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The new macOS Catalina, (the next operating system up from Mojave) revealed the separate apps for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV was demonstrated a few weeks back and in it Apple said all previous music and purchases will remain unchanged.

Alex Kidman the Technology and Telco editor at Finder said “iTunes as an app, whether you’re on a Mac or a PC … was trying to serve too many needs at once.”
He went on to say that while Apple had yet to reveal how this would happen but that there shouldn't be too much concern. Apple has said that all purchases and info should be transferred to the new system whether you have a PC or Laptop, Windows or Apple Mac. If you’ve got content purchased through Apple, it’ll still be on record with them and should be accessible on compatible devices.

For PC users, we have yet to see what Apple will do with the new apps, so no specifics yet on what the actual prgrams will be. Perhaps Windows users will keep iTunes a little longer? Either way Apple is invested in keeping users happy, and not risk their multi-billion dollar business.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, said “With macOS Catalina, we’re bringing fresh new apps to the Mac, starting with new standalone versions of Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and the Apple TV app. Users will appreciate how they can expand their workspace with Sidecar, enabling new ways of interacting with Mac apps using iPad and Apple Pencil. And with new developer technologies, users will see more great third-party apps arrive on the Mac this fall.” - it will be interesting to see if it is better. Apple have a history of great innovation so there's a good chance this WILL be good for computer users and music lovers.

In conclusion, Apple is splitting up the bloated iTunes application and trying to make it better to use. The Apple Mac version is out but PC users will have to wait and see what they get.

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