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Are Computer Repairs Essential?

Computer Help is investigating the possibility of doing no contact computer repairs. We're in the process of talking with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment about how we can safely provide hands-on repairs.

computer repair essential

Some other repairers and plumbers etc are calling themselves "essential services" and trying to just do business like normal. But the problem is they are not actually "essential". I'm sure it feels like they are. I mean, I'd consider getting paid my weekly wages essential, but here I am sitting at home not getting paid at all! Like every one. I think my computer repair service is of great value and really important ...but "essential" means life-or-death-essential. So if you are not a hospital, primary industry, telco or rubbish service - you're not.
The confusion comes around the fact that non-essential services ARE allowed to support essential services. e.g. plumbers can fix the pipes at a hospital.
Recently, this has been opened up a little to allow urgent issues e.g. water leaking in your house (and not just the hospital). Hence, why we thought it might be possible for us to help people with the computer repair issues.

Currently, we're offering remote computer repairs, but it's amazing just how much you CAN'T do remotely. The computer needs to be mostly functional for us to even log on!
What we are thinking is...
* You call, we'll do the usual process and book you in for a repair at your place
* When the tech is outside they will call you. At that point you put the computer on your front door step and go back inside.
* We'll come to the door wearing our protective equipment, wipe your computer down with isopropyl alcohol wipes - talk about cleaning viruses off computers!
* We'll take the computer (laptop, tablet or desktop) away and do the repair
* Computer Help will call you if there is any cost above $200 or any parts (just like usual) or when it's finished to arrange a time to return it.
* We'll take payment over the phone.
* The computer will be returned the same way as the pick up. :)

Still, this is ONLY A PLAN. We have NOT had approval from MBIE yet and want to make sure things are completely safe for staff and you wonderful customers.
We'll keep you posted. I'll send an email out when we have a safe, approved plan.