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Lost $300 Million Dollars Lately?

Lost $300 Million Dollars Lately?

This guy has! Read on...

bitcoin lost computer

In around 2010 James Howells used his computers to mine Bitcoin. He stored that 7500 Bitcoin on a 20 gig hard drive. Back then, the Bitcoin weren't worth much - around $1 each, if that. When he cleaned up his house in 2013 he carefully but the 20 gig computer hard drive into a drawer for safe keeping and threw a bunch of other computer junk out into the rubbish. Years later, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed, and he decided to cash in on his good luck. He connected his drive only to find it was completely blank! He had thrown the wrong drive away! Imagine what he thought...and said!
Since the discovery, he has been trying to convince his local council to allow him to excavate the dump and sift through the detritus for the drive. Once recovered, he hopes the hard drive would either be readable by a computer or that the data can be recovered from the platter. Data recovery is possible in many cases, even if a computer drive is corrupted or full of dirt. But not losing it in the first place would be a LOT easier! Or even just having a good backup. The council aren't keen though, despite being offered a 25% cut, stating that it will cost millions to do and there is no guarantee that the drive will even be found or the data recovered.
I once recorded a song on my computer and absolutely nailed the instruments. It was beautiful, a very unusual bass solo using an ebow and wah pedal and everything just worked out perfectly. Later when reinstalling the Operating System I accidentally mixed up the drives and wiped the good one! The one with the epic recording on it! I was sad. I had no backup. Only that one copy, but I figured it would be okay. Just like James Howells, I wish I had labelled things better! Not to mention done a backup.

If you don't have a backup. Get one...today. Tomorrow may literally be too late. If you have a backup CHECK it today. Tomorrow may be too late. The worst news that we have to give to a customer is that their data is gone and cannot be recovered. With the newer Solid State technology used on drives data recovery has turned from tricky to almost impossible. Do not rely on recovery, rely on a solid backup. Even better, rely on two! Have one in your hand (such as an external hard drive) and an online backup such as iDrive. To be even further assured, get your backup monitored. Find out more here.




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