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Has Your Password been PWNED?

PWNED - is a "computer speak" way of saying OWNED - as in beaten or defeated.

Has your password been hacked and used by hackers? You can find out here with this powerful tool. Best to avoid testing your most secure passwords though.

You can click on the link below to see if your computer, laptop or iPad password has been used by hackers for email, TradeMe, internet banking or any other website that uses a password for login. If you find you have any computer problems or find your passwords are insecure we can repair this. We do so by making sure ALL aspects of your computer security are up to date. That in includes FOUR main areas - antivirus, operating system updates (Windows or Apple/Macintosh), 3rd party apps e.g. Java or flash, and browser updates. This of course doesn't even consider ad blockers, unchecking tools, extensions and several other computer areas that need regular checking.

If you find you need service for your computer, we can help. (By the way - computers can mean PCs, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, Phones) Just give Computer Help NZ a call on 0800 FIX NOW or 0800349669



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