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Is Your Internet Banking Safe? Computer Repairs Include Security Issues

Is Your Internet Banking Unsafe?

If you use internet banking then a recent change to most browsers may affect you. But first, congrats to Vanessa of Somerfield who won the major draw to celebrate our 20 years in business which was a brand new Acer Travelmate P259 with Solid State Drive. We reckon they are one of the best laptops in the world - certainly very reliable. Thank you to all you who participated.

A recent update to most internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc) has made it so your internet banking password is SAVED in the browser. Once there is it very easy for it to be hacked. Previously they would save passwords from all websites but not banking sites. But recently they changed that policy.

Who does this affect? Anyone using internet banking. What do I do? You need to login to your internet banking and see if your password is saved i.e. do you have to enter the password every time, or is it there already? If it is saved? Then it gets a little tricky…

STEP 1 - You need to go into the password settings for your browser and delete your password from there. STEP 2 – Go back to your banking site, login, and choose the option to never remember the password for this website. I can’t really give more specific instruction as each of the 4 main browsers have different ways of doing this!

HELP?! If this is a bit too techy but you’d like some help then we can do this for you. Either bring it in and we can do it for a 15 minute charge ($32) or ring us for a remote repair to save bringing it in ($59). 0800 349 669.


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