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Need REALLY good wireless?

I’ve used many different wireless routers over the past 20 years but VR2800 by TP-Link is super cool. If you want your computer to go fast on the internet – especial if it’s a laptop or tablet or phone, you need to make sure your wireless internet is not slowing you down.

internet wireless christchurch

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Apple Macs - Why I Don't Like Encryption

Mac Encryption

Is Mac FileVault Disk Encryption Good or Bad?

The other day I was working on a Macbook which was not turning on. It's motherboard had failed and the client wanted the data retrieved from their Apple laptop. Theproblem was that they had FileVault disk encryption on...and they had lost the password.

FileVault mac

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How to Pick a Non-Lemon New Computer

In this blog I tell you the 4 things to look for when buying a new computer (laptop or desktop). This will help you avoid "lemonitis" i.e. that is buying a computer that turns out to be a pain in the backside.

lemon computers christchurch

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How Choose a Good Computer Technician

In this article I’ll show you the 3 things to look for when looking for a great computer repair technician. This will help you to have confidence that you are getting great value for money and your computing device (laptop, desktop, tablet or phone) is not going to get wrecked.

damaged computer screws

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Creators Update Computers Not Shutting Down

PRESS RELEASE: Creator’s Update Windows 10 Computer’s Not Shutting Down.

Date: 25 Jan 2018 11:28am Christchurch, New Zealand


After the update from Windows 10, some computer users may find their computer will no longer shut down or hibernate. The Windows 10 Creator Update is the cause for several users. The shutdown commands work using a command line (shutdown -s -t 00)

Three areas to investigate.

First, there is the Intel Management Engine Interface in Device Manager. Turn off the power management settings.  

Second, disable wake on Magic Packets, which is a useful feature for administrators but on many computers but can cause this issue.

Third, resetting the BIOS on the laptop, desktop or computer to default settings may fix the issue.  

Computer users that continue to have issues should consult a computer technician.





Why I Couldn’t Shutdown My Laptop?

No, it wasn’t cruel and obsessive addiction with Facebook or Instagram. Neither was it a case of being able to stop watching YouTube videos. I couldn’t actually shutdown it down! To be precise whenever I would click shutdown on the laptop it would go through the shutdown process and then start up again. The same thing happened when I tried to hibernate too!

shutdown laptop computer

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