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Computer Passwords Gone?

The latest update from Microsoft Windows, called 1903, includes a feature called 'Windows Hello' that uses facial recognition instead of a password to get into your computer. This is another great attempt by Microsoft to make things easier to use. But our recommendation is that you DO NOT USE IT. If you have Windows 10, this applies to you. Let me explain why you shouldn't use it...

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$10,000 Macbook Repair

Apple's "geniuses" spent two weeks and an estimated $10,000 in warranty costs fixing a MacBook Pro screen fault that was resolved with three button presses.
According to photographer Greg Benz who told the whole sorry computer tale on his website.

MacBook Pro problem

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Macbook Keyboard Issues

"This keyboard has to be one of the biggest design screw ups in Apple history. Everyone who buys a MacBook depends upon the keyboard and this keyboard is undependable." - Jon Gruber, Tech Guru

mac keyboard repair

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Good news...No More Non-Urgent

As of May 1st Computer Help no longer offers our long-standing non-urgent service. This service meant we would start your computer repair within a few days or if we had some spare time and as a result of this lower quality service we'd offer a 25% discount on the labour. Lower. Quality. Service. The non-urgent computer repair service always grated on me as it was such a contrast to our standard same day repairs and our popular urgent repairs. The reason I introduced it initially was a way of giving a discount to some people. Mostly, it ended up causing people a dilemma as they like the cheaper price but really, they wanted our standard service. It was actually not a good choice we were offering. For that I apologize. So we're removing it so our service is more aligned with what the customers need.
As for discounts we have been offering a 25% labour discount on all repairs for fire-fighters, police officers and registered charities since 2000.


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Computer Tech Gets Awkward Hugs

This is a great story that I am reposting (slightly edited) from Reddit. I hope you enjoy it too...


I was thrust a laptop by an angry exec early this morning with him complaining that his laptop had locked up again. Normally we have a ticketing system in place for any and all computer tech issues. However, when an exec wants something he bypasses the system because rank has its privileges. So I go through the normal routine of computer diagnosis and through my efforts I see that the issue is simply bad ram. I replace the ram and take the unit back to the exec.

computer tech hugs

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Defer Windows Updates

Microsoft has had a lot of bad press in the past few years with their updates breaking things on some computers. For 95% of users the updates haven't been a problem but for the other 5% it's been a pain. This has even been true with Apple when it releases its major updates. For example, when Mojave first came out it caused a lot of Macs, Macbooks and iMacs to not boot at all.

defer windows updates computer

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Computer Hell to Computer HELP

Computer repair shouldn't be a HELL-ish experience but it should be easy and peaceful. We have been fixing computers, tablets and laptops in Christchurch and Canterbury for over 20 years and our goal is for you to have a painless repair. All our staff have many years experience and will patiently listen and explain the repair process. If you need it fixed, we're happy to help.

I hope you enjoy this silly video.





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